Oliver Aschenbrenner (GER)

  • professional industrial designer (B.A.)
  • professional aircraft mechanic (IHK)
  • 100% gearhead

I was able to strongly tighten my thirst for technical knowledge since childhood through a aircraft construction professional training at AIRBUS Germany. The workshop is my element down to the present day.

Intensive industrial design studies at Germanys much asked HFG Pforzheim, which is very automotive design stamped, shaped my focus towards transportation design beyond recall.

These two milestones form a strong combination and are the basis of my present-day occupation.

I am tireless working on my visualisation skills – quick sketching by hand or highly detailed digital renderings likewise. These are, besides my consolidated knowledge of 3D applications, the major driving force and main medium of my creativity.

A broad range of knowledge in terms of construction materials and whose processing possibilities help me to argue my design in front of various special fields involved when it comes to function and implementation.
So I have worked effective together in diverse teams, often multi cultured.

I am a designer to develop our culture further and, if possible, to characterize in some cases.

Always ride safe!